It’s not easy being a little man. There’s so much to take in and learn. Just when you think they’ve mastered one thing, along comes something new. First, there was crawling, then walking, then potty training. And now there’s a new challenge, to stand up and start peeing like a man.

WiddlemanTM is fun and interactive. With its compact design, advanced floating technology, LCD counter, and target sensor capable of registering the score from the smallest of learners; peeing standing up is made easy with WiddlemanTM.

Hitting the target will activate the WiddlemanTM, offering words of encouragement and gentle reminders to help little men learn about bathroom hygiene. The device is easy to clean and will make the transition from peeing in the potty to peeing in the toilet easy.

WiddlemanTM, aiming to turn boys into men.

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